13 Advantages Of Using A Hand Blender

Getting the right tools for your kitchen is important to move around and prepare food with ease. Of all the tools we stock our kitchen with, a hand blender is the most useful one.

One of the comfortable kitchen gadgets, it is an advantageous tool that can be used to make your favourite dishes. Also known as an immersion or stick blender, it is an ideal tool for puréeing soups and sauces. All you need to do is to lower the blade in the pot or pan and let it rip.But that’s not all it can do. The best hand blender mixes drinks, makes purees, smoothies and much more.

Here We Are Mentioning Advantages Of Using A Hand Blender

Small and Portable

The small and portable design makes it easy to use the hand blender. The average kitchen has limited space hence many homemakers search for a portable and handy appliance that can make their process of cooking easy. The best hand blenders in India also comes with a detachable shaft, which makes it easier to store the appliance.


The unique feature of a hand blender is its versatility. A hand blender not only blends food items but can also be used to chop food items. Whether you need to prepare a pudine ki chutney or whip a quick salad dressing, a hand blender comes handy. You can prepare various kinds of foods with a hand blender – from blending smoothies, making baby food, making whipped cream, beating eggs or pureeing fruit. With just a whirl, easily blend even the solid ingredients to a smooth mixture.

Silent Operation

A hand blender makes less noise. In fact, it hardly makes any noise and is almost silent. The motor is covered in the plastic handle. Once the blender is switched ON, it turns the stainless steel rod in the wand, which rotates the stainless steel blades.

Hence, all the sound generated from the motor is inside the casing and distributed to whatever you are preparing, making the appliance extremely quiet.

Easy to clean

The best hand blenders in India is easy and simple to clean. Unlike other appliances which come together with many parts, an immersion blender has none. It is a single handy unit that has only three parts i.e. the wand, the blade and the handle. All parts are inside this single piece only. Moreover, this appliance is water-proof. Simply fill a pot with water and some mild detergent, place the immersion blender in the water and then turn it ON. It will be clean in no time. Lastly, just wipe it with a towel.

Increased Efficiency

A blender is not limited to the size of the blending bowl. Instead, the blending can take place directly in the cooking pot. This way you can easily work with larger amounts of liquids and soft ingredients.

Besides, since you will blend directly in the cooking pot, you can work with hot liquids and ingredients. This is both useful and time-saving.


This useful kitchen tool is reasonably priced. Even if you are low on budget, you can get great models with amazing features at an affordable price.

Choosing the right blender

There are several top hand blenders available in the market. Buying one should not be taken in haste. So how do you lay hand on the best one? Given below are some of the parameters one should consider while buying a hand blender.

1. Must have suitable motor

The blender you pick should have a motor powerful enough to perform miscellaneous tasks. If you are into simple tasks like blending and pureeing, a 100-200 watts motor will work great. For chopping or for processing frozen fruits, a motor of 200-300 watts will be required. For heavy-duty tasks like crushing ice, go for a hand blender with a motor of power over 400 watts.

2. Quality materials

Some hand blenders have a steel shaft while others have a plastic one. If it’s a plastic body, make sure it is BPA free food-grade plastic. However stainless steel body would be the best option because it is not prone to rust and corrosion easily. It is also easy to clean.

In the case of the blades, stainless steel is the most preferable one since plastic blender blades are easily breakable. The ideal blade should be big, thick and strong and not light and elegant.

3. Design

The design of a blender should be such that it is comfortable to hold and easy to use. The size of the blender should be apt. Additionally, the power button should be easily accessible during blending. Moreover, it should be lightweight for you to easily carry around and use.

4. Easy to clean

Majority of hand blenders have a detachable shaft. This makes the cleaning process much easier. If it’s not detachable, there are chances you might damage the motor while washing. Henceforth, it’s better to buy a hand blender in which the attachments and blades are dishwasher safe.

5. The more, the merrier

Given the access to extra attachments, you can do a lot more with your hand blender. Many of hand blenders come with jars to process vegetables and fruits. Different blades let you perform multiple tasks like chop, whisk, whip eggs or cream.

6. Warranty and after-sales service

The hand blender you lay your hands on should has a good warranty covering it. It is advisable to buy the best hand blenders in India from a reputed brand. Make sure the brand of the blender you are buying offers good after-sales service.

Now, so we have made you acquainted with the factors you should consider while buying a hand blender and as we move towards the end of this blog, here’s a quick recap on why you should buy hand blenders:

  • Blend soups, stews and sauces super quickly and easily without having to transfer back and forth in other utensils.
  • Blenders are super easy to clean, as compared to blenders and food processors.
  • They are light, super versatile and easy to handle.
  • Puree, whip, shake, batter, emulsify or beat – a blender can do all the job.

Final talk

We hope we have convinced you how awesome an appliance a hand blender is and why you should buy hand blenders. The appliance offers numerous benefits especially if you are someone who loves to try out new recipes.If you’re looking for a great one, stop by K2 Appliances. Hover your mouse to the Hand Blender section and pick one from the top products.


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