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Almost had one on the hook…


You have to love the influence friends have on us…. good or bad!!   We had one of my daughters’ good friends over to play and then she stayed for dinner.  I had a dinner plan, and even knowing she ‘doesn’t’ like fish (except fish sticks!)…. I went with it… making sure there were a few things on the plate she definitely liked.

I made tilapia with snow peas, carrots and noodles.  Yummy – right?!  Ok, here is my no fail recipe for my kids – who love this and it is soooo easy to whip up! (my own daughter ate one and a half pieces!!)

On the stove top, I sauté one medium onion and minced garlic (depends on you – but I love it so I add a lot!), then add a 1/2 cup of low sodium chicken broth, 1/4 cup low sodium soy sauce, put the tilapia in and I cover it to ‘steam’ it a bit.  Turn once and leave lid off.  The sauce reduces a bit and when flakey…. serve it!!  (If you don’t have broth add a little water instead… it will work too)

Ok, back to our friend for dinner….

I was asked what we were having… I never really answered the question, I just wanted them all to eat… so I skirted the issue – they thought it may be chicken…. I dished it up…. our guest ran to the bathroom – my kids quickly figured out it was fish.  I asked, (ok pleaded) for them not to say anything… but that was my bad – because our guest started to eat the ‘fish’ – liked the ‘fish,’ but as kids do…. mine kept throwing out the hints and innuendos – and she caught on and only ate one more bite! :(

Well, my kids gobbled it up, and our guest ate 1/2 the fish, the veggies and pasta… not bad – but I felt more defeated than her!! I know she liked it but the words overpowered her!! Kids are funny that way!

I’ll get her to gobble it all up next time!!  ;)