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Rold Gold Everything Bagel Pretzels


I know kids love chips…. don’t we all! ;)

But pretzels are a healthier low fat alternative,

I came across these recently!

If your kids like everything bagels – they will love these!!

For more information click here.

Chobani Champions! Greek Yogurt for kids

I keep greek yogurt in the house and usually I’m the only one that eats them. I recently found these yogurts in the supermarket. Chobani Champions! They have kid friendly packaging and are in a smaller container.  I brought them home a few weeks ago and my son noticed them in the fridge.  He asked me if he could try one!!  That’s not typically how it goes!

Chobani Champions come in 4 different flavors…

very berry, honey-nana, vanilla chocolate chunk, and orange vanilla.

They are made with all natural ingredients and a great source of protein, calcium and vitamin D.

Walmart Introduces “Great For You” Icon


As part of their healthier food initiative,

Walmart has introduced their “Great For You” Nutrition icon:


The icon appears on the FRONT of the packaging of select Great Value (Walmart brand foods) and Marketside items.  The icon is designed to make it easier for shoppers to identify healthier foods as they work their way through the market.  This is a giant step in the right direction! Parents and shoppers as you shop in Walmart, look for these products!  It will help speed the process of making healthy food selections.

Items that were selected for the “Great For You”  were designed to meet the criteria from the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans,U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Institute of Medicine (IOM)


To see how foods were selected…Click Here

To see a list of Products with the Great For You Seal…Click Here

Walmart is one of the few stores that has the power to truly make a difference and to educate the parents who really need the help!