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Why won’t my kid eat lunch at school?!



My daughter had been asked a million times if she would like to buy lunch.

As a dietitian I am aware that most school lunches may not provide the healthiest food options in the world.  But I am a realist, and the world we live in has many food options out there, and not all of them are the healthiest food options either!  That is why as a mom, I feel part of my ‘job’ is to teach my children how to make wise food choices when they are out or even when they are at home!!   Balance – Moderation – Education  (I could go on and on, but back to my kid!)

With school quickly coming to an end, I was overjoyed when her answer to the same old question was – YES!!  And in true third grade fashion, her reason to buy was because her and her girlfriend were going to buy the same thing…. at the same time!  Really – Really!!

And so the gates were opened and for me, I’m glad she took the big leap!  Self-confidence, self-assured, smart and independent are great qualities I hope I can instill in her.  Baby steps!


Happy Mother’s Day! A Great Message for all of the Mom’s Out There!

Mom’s Day Reflections,

From a Dietitian Mom

Posted on May 12, 2012
I read this post on Mother’s Day from a fellow dietitian and wanted to share it with you…
written by: Sue Rose

As I contemplate the weekend and Mother’s Day, I realize that I know and respect an awful lot of amazing mothers. These mothers are my clients that I have come to know very well over the years, my friends, my relatives, and finally, my children.  These mothers always put mothering at the top of the priority list even as they pull off multi-faceted roles as wedding planners, secretaries, doctors, teachers, nurses, dentists, lawyers, administrators, and so on.  The similar theme with these strong women who are amazing moms is their tenacity in nurturing and their instincts for being the driving force and support for their children.  It does not matter how old those children are, the “force” is still there. That “force” exhibits itself in various forms for various situations, but it is ever so present.

So to all those amazing mom’s out there, mom’s of little babies and adults already on their own and out of the nest, please take care of yourselves.  Remember YOU are worth your weight (no pun intended) in gold, and you deserve to replenish yourself to continue giving all that you give to others, including your babies of all ages.  Over the decades of counseling clients (as well as being a mother myself), I have realized that we can get “spent” very quickly as we go about our daily tasks of keeping our lives in line with ideals, and juggling all we do in a 24-hour period.  To keep up your pace, remember some guidance of self-care for YOU:

  • Mange your diet as you would manage your business, your children, and careers!  Eating is meant to keep you well, strong, and the best you can be.  It needs to be planned out as the rest of your life is planned.  The outcome of this planning makes the effort worth it!
  • Feed yourself the same quality of diet you want your babies and older children to eat. Kids of all ages have a keen eye on what you are doing, and will learn to imitate your food behaviors and patterns of eating eventually, be it good or bad.
  • Take the time to eat; it is the only fuel and nutrients you will take in.  Just thinking you should eat, or taking supplements, will not give you the energy to carry on, only good quality food will do so.
  • Make sure you take the time to actually enjoy your food.  Sit down at the table and teach your toddler that mom needs to enjoy her meal.
  • When sharing your meals with your children, enjoy the experience.  One day they will cook for you and they will pick up the dishes without being asked, because remember, you are a role model and what goes around comes around!

If you are reading this, you are probably a mother or know a wonderful mother.  I salute you all and wish you a wonderful day and upcoming week.  Happy mother’s day to all those truly remarkable women called “mom”.

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Do Your Kids Eat Or Trade Their Lunch…Do You Know???

Tonight at dinner, Jack, my 9 year old son (3rd grade) shared with us all the “goodies” he’s been getting to eat at lunch.  Jack buys his lunch almost everyday.  He is a very picky eater and eats a wider variety of foods buying lunch at school.   He basically was explaining that he has learned how to work the system.

“Mom, I’m allowed to get a juice and a milk at lunch and on days when the snack line isn’t open, I can trade one of my drinks for someone’s snack. Sometimes I don’t even have to trade anything.  Today I got someone’s krimpets and  I didn’t even ask.” It seems that kids that pack their lunch are willing to trade their Cheetos, krimpets, etc… all for a carton of chocolate milk.  I’m not really sure where to even go with this…If the kids who are packing lunch are bringing “junk” to school, it just reconfirms the important role that we as parents play in encouraging our kids to make good choices!!!

So, this is  good dinner conversation.  Ask your kids if they trade their lunch. You may be packing or having your child buy a healthy lunch and your child may be trading it away.  You may be packing a “treat” with your child’s lunch and your child is giving it to someone else because they don’t feel like eating it today. That same child may have gotten offered a  “treat ” from more than one of his friends.

Set some ground rules. Talk to your kids.  If you choose to buy lunch, go over the menu together so you can help teach your children how to make a good selection that they feel good about eating.

Some food for thought :-)