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More and More Students Protesting About School Lunches!

It seems that kids are getting louder about getting their message across that they are not happy with the new foods in the schools.

First it’s videos on you tube, now it’s boycotts from school cafeterias and more and more food being thrown out in the trash.

Of course, kids are going to be resistant to change.  But, parents and teachers can help this process along. We need to keep talking to

our kids about making good choices and being healthy.

Click here to read article from the New York Times

Back to School is just around the Corner!!


Wow, talk about the summer flying by…. our kids start school in just a couple of days and although I feel prepared for back to school now, it always seems to nip me in the behind that first week!  Our school district is also starting off the school year with a full first week!  The last few years it was just a half a week,  which was just enough time to get the kids (and myself!) back to reality and a schedule.  I think five full days will be a very long week!!

To prepare, I’ve decided to work out a full week of healthy dinners and lunches ahead of time… less stress makes for a much happier household!!

Now the menu I came up with works well for my family’s likes and dislikes… feel free to edit it accordingly to your needs.

Lunch Plan:

Monday: Turkey Breast & Cheese on whole wheat wrap, pretzels, red grapes & a treat!

Tuesday: Tuna salad with crackers, carrots, &  a peach.

Wednesday: Peanut Butter & Jelly on whole wheat bread, rice cakes & small apple.

Thursday: Hummus or Yogurt, graham crackers, trail mix & orange.

Friday: Mini Pizza Bagels, green peppers & carrots, fresh fruit salad.

Dinner Plan:

Monday: Penne Pasta with red sauce, peas & salad.

Tuesday: Teryiaki marinated Chicken with Broccoli, brown rice.

Wednesday: Ground White meat turkey Sloppy Joe’s on whole wheat rolls, celery & carrots.

Thursday: Italian marinated Chicken with spinach & sweet potato fries.

Friday: BBQ Grilled Salmon Filet, green beans & red bliss potatoes.



Produce:  oranges, apples, seedless grapes, cantaloupe, carrots, celery, broccoli, green beans, sweet potatoes, red bliss potatoes, salad

Frozen: peas, spinach, pizza bagels

Deli/Cold: turkey breast, cheese, hummus, yogurt

Meat: ground turkey, salmon, chicken breast (2 dinners)

Dry: Pretzels, graham crackers, trail mix, whole wheat bread, rolls & wraps, brown rice, red sauce, pasta, teriyaki sauce, pasta



Homemade Potato Skins Made Healthy

I just made these for my kids.

Easy and I even got my pickiest to try them!


Baking Potatoes

Shredded Cheddar (made with 2% &/or skim milk)

Toppings: Steamed Broccoli, Real Bacon Bits (low salt Turkey bacon), Chopped Tomatoes, Peppers









Wash Potatoes

Poke with fork or knife to let potato vent while baking

Bake potatoes in oven at 400 degrees for about an 1 and 15 min or until crisp on outside and soft when poked with fork

Cut potatoes long ways and scoop out inside (put aside)

Place skins on baking sheet and top with your favorite toppings and a little bit of low fat shredded cheese

… this is a great way to get your kids to try some vegetables!