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Have Fun With Food!!


This is a really fun way to get your kids interested in fruits and veggies!

Give it a try!

Friday Fun Joke


What is Dracula’s favorite fruit??





A  nectarine!!!


Calcium-Fortified Orange Juice


Sometimes things that seem obvious to me, may not be to everyone…. this is one of those cases!  Thank you to my friend for pointing this out to me – and I hope I can reach some other parents out there too!

I have two children, one loves milk (we drink skim) and one doesn’t care for the taste of milk, except for with cereal or dessert! ;)

But with calcium being an important mineral in growing children, how do I ensure my non-milk drinker is getting the necessary amount of calcium?

An easy fix.  For my non-milk drinker we start most mornings with a glass of

calcium-fortified orange juice!

They both average about 300mg of calcium per serving (1 cup).


Calcium: How much do kids need?
Age Recommended daily intake
1-3 years 500 milligrams (mg)
4-8 years 800 mg
9-18 years 1,300 mg

Source: Dietary Reference Intakes for Calcium, National Academy of Sciences, 1997

There are other foods that provide calcium to our diet…

but this is just a quick easy change for some!

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