Nutrition Basics

Our Goal

To educate parents how to teach their school age kids to make healthy food choices and live a healthy lifestyle. We’ve decided to provide the basics of nutrition here for you, along with some healthy tips, tricks, and recipes!! All while trying our best to raise healthy, happy children!! :)


Obesity has become an epidemic among children in the United States, one-in-three children is overweight or obese. Since Michele Obama has started her….campaign, there has been an  increased awareness about childhood obesity.  There have been many ideas as to what the problem is… is it the what the kids eat at school, the increased amount of time that kids spend in front of a screen, the decreased amount if time that kids spend playing outside, or the way food is prepared and marketed?!  There are so many reasons!



Nutrition Basics for a School Age Kid 5-18 yrs old

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Nutrition Basics: What Food is Made of…

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Nutrition Basics: Fruit…What is a serving?

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Nutrition Basics: Vegetables Serving Sizes

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How Much Calcium Does Your Child Need ?

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  • By Carolyn Shanken-Kaye, January 10, 2012 @ 3:04 pm

    great site! I work with 5 after school programs who do do projects around healthy eating. My job as a literacy coach is to infuse these projects with engaging reading, writing activities. Any ideas? books for K-12, activities? thanks!

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