Quick and Easy Ideas for a Healthy Breakfast: The Most Important Meal Of the Day!

I’m sure it’s something you have heard before…”Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”

Everyone always has good intentions…this school year we are going to start off right!

No running out the door without anything to eat in the mornings.  But somehow,there are always days that we run out of time.


I can’t stress enough how important breakfast is for both kids and adults!!



1) It allows kids to be more focused and have better concentration in school

2) It will prevent your child from getting hungry early in the day which can be distracting and bring on moody behavior

3) Eating in the morning is the first step to developing healthy eating habits

4) Eating breakfast will help your child  to maintain a healthy blood sugar level and have more energy throughout the day

5) Sitting down to breakfast is a great way to start your day!

Talk to your kids…take them food shopping…pick out healthy breakfast options together…help them understand the importance of starting the day off right!

Here are some quick and easy ideas for breakfast…

Your favorite oatmeal topped with fresh fruit

(add a side of greek yogurt or a glass of low fat or skim milk)

Bowl of whole grain, low sugar cereal with low fat or skim milk and fresh fruit

Yogurt parfait…yogurt topped with whole grain, low sugar cereal and fresh fruit

(try a greek yogurt that is higher in protein…you kids may like Chobani Champions)


Breakfast Burrito

Whole wheat tortilla wrap with scrambled egg and shredded low fat cheese

(add a few veggies in too!)

100% Whole Grain French Toast

(top with fresh fruit and for a little variety…

sprinkle with cinnamon sugar or confectioners sugar and skip the syrup)



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