Why won’t my kid eat lunch at school?!



My daughter had been asked a million times if she would like to buy lunch.

As a dietitian I am aware that most school lunches may not provide the healthiest food options in the world.  But I am a realist, and the world we live in has many food options out there, and not all of them are the healthiest food options either!  That is why as a mom, I feel part of my ‘job’ is to teach my children how to make wise food choices when they are out or even when they are at home!!   Balance – Moderation – Education  (I could go on and on, but back to my kid!)

With school quickly coming to an end, I was overjoyed when her answer to the same old question was – YES!!  And in true third grade fashion, her reason to buy was because her and her girlfriend were going to buy the same thing…. at the same time!  Really – Really!!

And so the gates were opened and for me, I’m glad she took the big leap!  Self-confidence, self-assured, smart and independent are great qualities I hope I can instill in her.  Baby steps!


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