Good things happening in our Schools…Changing the way kids think about food

It has been quite a learning experience as the parents and school district work together to make the schools a healthier environment.  It really isn’t all about just changing the food on the menu.  We also need to make sure the kids actually eat the food. Even more importantly, teach them why they should want to eat foods that are good for them.  That’s where the struggle comes into play…kids like kid friendly food. So when the food changed to “brown” pasta in the mac and cheese and hummus wraps appeared on the menu, it’s no surprise that the kids weren’t jumping for joy. Especially since it’s not something that they are not used to seeing in their school cafeteria!

Our job as parents and teachers is to expose these kids to new experiences and teach them to be open minded in the process.
That’s how they will learn!


So last month, it was exciting to see a really positive move in the right direction! Whole Foods came in to one of our elementary schools to do a hands on cooking lesson about “foods around the world”  This was a change in the way the kids participated in their cultural day. Instead of bringing in a dish from home, whole foods, teachers and parents helped the third grade students prepare 4 different dishes representing countries from around the world.  The children were chopping tomatoes and onions, making guacamole, mixing kugel, and scooping blueberries into mini pie shells.  It was really fun to watch and the kids loved it! The next day, parents and students were invited to the school cafeteria to enjoy an “around the world” theme lunch together including the foods prepared the day before.  There is nothing better than hands on experience!  The kids were interested and looking forward to seeing and even tasting their creations!


The other day I walked into my son’s middle school and was pleased to see some very creative art work promoting good nutrition and healthy eating…

Another exciting happening is that Sushi has been added to the high school and middle school lunch menu.  It has definitely captured the student’s attention getting kids that don’t usually buy lunch wanting to buy on “Sushi Tuesdays”

Teaching healthy eating is a process.  It’s not going to happen overnight, but it’s very encouraging to see we are moving in the right direction!

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