Disney Company Making Changes to Help Fight Childhood Obesity


Disney just announced that they have decided to only advertise healthier foods on their media stations…TV, Radio, and Website.

This is a huge breakthrough for the fight against obesity!

The food and drinks that they will allow will meet the company’s standards to help better reflect the newest government dietary guidelines.  Of course, there will still be a wide mix of foods advertised, but they will be healthier than before.  Disney has been working since 2006 to offer healthier foods in their theme parks.

As part of its latest changes, Disney is:

•Introducing the Mickey Check, a symbol that food and beverage products and menu items can carry if they meet the company’s nutrition standards.

•Reducing the level of sodium by 25% in well-balanced kids’ meals served at its parks by 2013 and introducing new kids’ breakfast meals that meet the nutrition guidelines.

•Expanding its offering of fruits and vegetables to 350 of 400 food venues in its domestic parks by 2013.



Here are some products that Disney is offering…

Crunch Pak Foodles

Available at select grocery stores nationwide. Healthy snacks or mini-meals that are fun and easily transportable. Interesting combinations of fruits, vegetables and other sides like dips, raisins, pretzels, or cheese. They come in a fun Mickey-shaped or Princess carriage tray featuring colorful images of Mickey Mouse & Friends and Princess characters.

Nutrition summary:




There are 130 calories in a 5 oz serving of Crunch Pak Foodles.


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