Do Your Kids Eat Or Trade Their Lunch…Do You Know???

Tonight at dinner, Jack, my 9 year old son (3rd grade) shared with us all the “goodies” he’s been getting to eat at lunch.  Jack buys his lunch almost everyday.  He is a very picky eater and eats a wider variety of foods buying lunch at school.   He basically was explaining that he has learned how to work the system.

“Mom, I’m allowed to get a juice and a milk at lunch and on days when the snack line isn’t open, I can trade one of my drinks for someone’s snack. Sometimes I don’t even have to trade anything.  Today I got someone’s krimpets and  I didn’t even ask.” It seems that kids that pack their lunch are willing to trade their Cheetos, krimpets, etc… all for a carton of chocolate milk.  I’m not really sure where to even go with this…If the kids who are packing lunch are bringing “junk” to school, it just reconfirms the important role that we as parents play in encouraging our kids to make good choices!!!

So, this is  good dinner conversation.  Ask your kids if they trade their lunch. You may be packing or having your child buy a healthy lunch and your child may be trading it away.  You may be packing a “treat” with your child’s lunch and your child is giving it to someone else because they don’t feel like eating it today. That same child may have gotten offered a  “treat ” from more than one of his friends.

Set some ground rules. Talk to your kids.  If you choose to buy lunch, go over the menu together so you can help teach your children how to make a good selection that they feel good about eating.

Some food for thought :-)





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