Brides are doing WHAT?!

The K-E Diet: Brides-to-Be Using Feeding Tubes to Rapidly Shed Pounds

Wow, in all my years working as a clinical dietitian…this is definitely a first!  How does it happen that a healthy adult would actually choose the tube feeding  as their best option for successful dieting?   Wedding or not…for  what ever the reason, this just doesn’t make sense?

The K-E diet,new the the US, is being talked about because of it’s fast results. The diet consists of having a feeding tube placed into their nose and into the stomach. The plan is to eat/drink nothing by mouth and receive  800 calories each day of a protein & fat liquid nutrition (no carbohydrates) – to burn off twenty pounds in ten days and it costs $1500!!  Brides are trying this extreme diet to fit into their dresses! Let’s just hope the clock doesn’t strike midnight before all the weight re-appears in front of all those guests!

No matter how old my daughter is when she gets married, she will always be my baby.  I hope that she never opts to do something this drastic and absurd,  that her future husband will love her twenty pounds one way or the other and that she has enough sense to know this ‘quick’ fix is unsafe, unhealthy, and NEVER going to last.

But obviously women (& some men) are still looking for the magic answer …it would be nice… but not at the sacrifice of your health and common sense! Losing weight, no matter what anyone says, is about healthy eating and exercise.   Anyone, consuming less than 1,2oo calories a day is only hurting their metabolism in the long run…..

Teens are especially susceptible to these fad diets, distortion of beauty by the media, and eating disorders.  Please have open discussions with your children now and always, about positive self image and healthy eating.

Balance, Education, Moderation


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  • By Jaynie, April 22, 2012 @ 4:34 pm

    This insane feeding tube diet comes down to money… It’s all money! I find it disturbing that this K-E diet procedure is being offered here in the US says

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