New Guidelines For School Vending Machines

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The focus on healthier school food is now moving towards school vending machines. The guidelines are due to come out in a few weeks.  It’s important for schools to offer healthy options in the vending machines to encourage students to make healthy choices.  But there is a concern that the guidelines will be too strict.

There was a great point made in this article that said that even if we take the unhealthy foods out of the vending machines, it doesn’t mean that they will now buy the new healthier foods that are in their place.  Students will bring their snacks or go to the corner store to get what they want. Norwood School District in Ohio decided to change the look of healthy foods at school in order to increase sales and encourage their students to make healthy choices…Two years ago, Mr. Kipp eliminated vending machines and school stores in his district and replaced them with an area in the lunchroom where they could buy wraps, fruit or yogurt. Children ate better, and the schools made some money. “It took a while, but it caught on,” Mr. Kipp said. “You have to give the kids time. You can’t replace 16 years of bad eating habits overnight.”

This is a great idea….would love to see more schools move in this direction!!

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  • By Alen, March 4, 2012 @ 12:17 am

    I agree that the most important foactr in childhood obesity is the role modeling of parents. As I mentioned in a previous post, if I were to give my kids vegetables and I ate pizza, there is no way they would eat them. I grew up in a healthy family and continue the healthy eating habit. In my opinion, I still think that the temptation of vending machines and marketing is too great and when companies target them at children, they are not helping the cause any. If healthy foods were made more accessible and shown on television, parents and children would have an easier time eating healthy.

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