Don’t Blame School Lunches for Childhood Obesity

Maybe we haven’t been shouting this from roof tops… school lunches are not to blame for the obesity problem in this country.   A new study was recently published, it suggested that school junk food did not correlate to a child’s obesity.

Don’t mis-understand, there is a very real obesity problem in this country.   But lets look at the big picture, not just one aspect of it.  As mothers and dietitians, we are hopeful the school lunch system becomes healthier and physical education remains a part of the daily routine in schools.

But as far as nutrition goes, it’s a family affair.

“Schools only represent a small portion of children’s food environment,” explains the professor. “They can get food at home, they can get food in their neighborhoods and they can go across the street from the school to buy food.”

This is the real world and we need to teach our children how to navigate it and make wise, healthy choices.  As parents, our children emulate our habits.  Fast food restaurants are not going away, so let’s teach our kids about moderation and balance.

Read more of the study in the January issue of Sociology in Education.



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