10 products to keep in your pantry

Most people have a pantry full of food…. but what are some of the best basics to have on hand,  these options are healthier versions of basics you may already have on the shelf.
How many do you already have?!
1. Nut Butters – High in protein and monounsaturated fats, no cholesterol because they are from plant source.  Try different nut butters with your kids, opt for all-natural when you can.  We like Skippy Naturals & Sunbutter

2. Crackers – Not always easy to find but look for ones without saturated fat & trans fat.  Also look for whole wheat flour and lower sodium options.  We like these Saltines & Triscuits!

3. Pasta & Rice – Try to choose the whole-wheat pasta, and brown rice.  They are both much healthier options than the white alternatives, containing more fiber & or  nutrients.  Our family’s prefer Uncle Ben’s whole grain rice, or Minute whole grain.  The pasta we all enjoy is from Ronzoni, Smart Taste.

4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil –  A staple for cooking, just be aware that even though it is a healthy fat, it is still 100% fat, so use sparingly and know that ‘light’ oil only refers to the color!!  Canola Oil would be another option to have on hand.

5. Nuts and Dried Fruit – So many options to try and a great healthy habit to form, instead of reaching for highly processed snacks!!

6. Canned Tomatoes – Either diced, crushed, or whole, just make sure they are the low sodium variety. They are loaded with the antioxidant lycopene – which may help fight against some cancers.

7. Canned Tuna & Salmon – High in protein, low in fat, packed with Omega -3 fatty acids. Choose those pack in water only.

8. Canned Beans – Look for no salt added, and rinse well before eating.  Beans are a great low fat, no cholesterol high protein item.

9. Chicken Broth – Opt for the low sodium variety, great for adding extra flavor to foods.

10. Soy Sauce – Opt for the low sodium variety, great for easy marinades and dressings.

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