Share your Lunch Ideas!!

I love to cook…. but like most of us, I don’t always like to think about cooking!!

There are a ton of recipes out there – cute things to make for your kids in adorable shapes… and on a rare occasion I will do this…   but it is the everyday packing of the lunch that seems to get ‘old’ for me and my kids…

So to ease my mornings when I do pack lunches I have my stand by’s that I try to have in the refrigerator…  and I will rotate these within the school week.

Day 1: Turkey on whole wheat bread

Day 2: Tuna salad with multigrain or wholewheat crackers

(tuna packed in water, light mayonnaise)

Day 3: Cheese pizza bagels

(like Cheese Bagel Bites)

Day 4: PB &J or sunflower butter sandwich on whole wheat

(I like Skippy Natural & Sunbutter)

Day 5: Egg salad sandwich or  ham & cheese

(look for low sodium ham and cheese made from 2% milk instead of whole milk)

Along with a sandwich, I always pack at least one fruit, pretzels or baked chips and a drink (water, water flavored juice bag, or Horizon low fat organic milk)


Now remember, my daughter has told me on more than one occasion that everyone has different taste buds!! Not all of these ideas will even work for my two kids…. but we can help each other by sharing and comparing!

Just one or two new ideas may make your weekday mornings a little bit easier!



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