We all have different taste buds, Mom!!

“What is food to one man, may be fierce poison to others.” – Lucretius

Funny, my 7 year old has said this to me for a couple of years… in her own way of course!! I would say, for a child, she is a very healthy eater, liking more fruits and vegetables than I ever did at her age.  But every now and again, we find a food that no longer meets her standards of palatability!!

Picky eaters get a bad rap!  Let’s be honest, almost all kids can be called a ‘picky eater’ at some point in their childhood.  Like anything, some more than others.  I’m not sure how my mom dealt with me!  I didn’t like cheese as a kid (wish that was still true!) so no grilled cheese, mac n’ cheese, cheese ravioli…. last minute staples in my home!!

Most of the time, kids go through phases and eventually add new foods to their repertoire…..  let’s be honest not everyone is going to like everything!  I still won’t eat cauliflower!  (Don’t tell my daughter – she loves it!! )  And no matter how long I had to sit at the kitchen table to finish my lima beans, I never grew to like them…

It’s funny how life turns out – after all that pickiness I built my career around food!

Keep trying new food with your children, they will surprise you!


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