Not all shapes of noodles taste the same…

You only understand if you have one in your household…a picky eater.

My youngest of three boys, Jack, is extremely picky. As a baby, he started out on the right track.  I introduced all the foods at the right times and he ate them.  At about 2 years old, he started to push foods away until there was hardly anything left other than grilled cheese, cheerios, bananas and sweet potatoes.  Then the he was done with the sweet potatoes. Ugh! The last of the colorful foods!

It only got worse… As a toddler, he went to preschool at a local synagogue that had a  kosher dairy diet restrictions. Meaning you could only eat what is considered “kosher dairy” at lunch.  So, basically, except for whole wheat bread, all of the foods that he ate at lunch were WHITE…cheese sandwiches, yogurt, cream cheese sandwiches, and maybe some goldfish on the side.

The more I tried to offer different foods, the more stressful it became at dinner. That wasn’t the environment I wanted to create at the dinner table. So, you make compromises.  I would make dinner for our family and include something that I knew Jack would eat. Maybe the side dish would be a baked potato and if he wouldn’t eat the rest of the meal…I would give him some baked chicken nuggets or as a back up he would always eat spaghetti, but there was a catch…only long spaghetti noodles…”shaped like worms”.  Any other shaped noodle and he would push it away.  I think we were finally able to reason with him when he was about 5 years old he realized that all shaped noodles taste the same.

So, I pretty much decided to leave it alone. Each time I encouraged him to try a new food and he would cry. Funny thing was…offer him a piece of candy he never had before and he will eagerly take it!




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